Transformer Oil Filtration

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Transformer' health maintenance

The transformer oil dehydration and degassing are key parameters that had been evaluated for a long time. Transformer oil is used in equipment where it provides cooling and insulation protection primarily. Over a period aggregated moisture, gasses and solid particles can seriously affect the above parameters and demanded properties of oil. To remove impurities, moisture, gasses, and solid particles on-line and off-line oil treatment machine is used. Moreover, this preventive maintenance process is known as Oil filtration or Oil purification or Oil regeneration aptly.

Oil filtration/treatment machine possess a positive displacement rotary inlet pump. The outlet pump is a centrifugal closed coupled high suction pump. For dehydration and degassing the rotary vane, a vacuum pump with an optional vacuum booster roots pump are used. Vacuum chamber houses a variable amount of filters combined with highly efficient ring mesh to achieve most efficient treatment of oil. All oil treatment plants have automatic variable oil flow control to maximize the operational efficiency. Vacuum breaking valves before and after the vacuum chamber ensures the vacuum side and the pressure side of the oil treatment machine are completely separated.



Our qualified resources of men, machines and materials kept together in one place for this key preventive maintenance on transformers that is called oil filtration. The ultimatum is to achieve a significant state of condition of oil while a transformer is in service and being processed for a properties that signifies the transformer oil.

We offer cost effective on-site services for reclaiming oil in a capacity of 3000 LPH and 6000 LPH to reinstate it's condition which impacts the expected life of the transformer directly.

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