Electrical Engineering

Our offerings in electrical engineering services

Ensuring power systems relentlessly

We offer full range of services for power systems reflecting real-world solutions turning any engineering recommendations through to full implementation involving the testing and commissioning activities. also we offer predictive maintenance, acceptance testing, repair and upgrade services to protect the critical electrical distribution systems of client's facility. With our portfolio covering from industrial plants to government power facilities thus our engineers are prepared to assist with keeping the facilities operating properly.

Our nationwide UAE experience in electrical engineering services enabling us to comply with vital electrical regulations imposed by various authorities for electrical testing services. We understand thoroughly the objectives and its findings for each testing activity with safety practices to keep up the compliant project site.

We provide the most knowledgeable electrical testing engineers in the industry having capability to work with standard and latest testing procedures as par with international electrical testing practices.



We provide a complete installation services from HV Transformers, HV & LV Switchgear, HV & LV panels, HV & LV cables, Switch rooms, and Distribution circuits for a fully fledged substations having capacities from 11 kV to 400 kV.


Our Installation and startup team comprises wide range of skill-sets to setup all power systems and related assets in place as per the design specification of a substation. Our services provide sound technicalities and engineering expertise with greater extent of guidance to achieve a safe installation and startup. We provide coverage for all your installation needs.

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High Voltage Test

  • Insulation Resistance
  • Sheath Test
  • DC/VLF Hipot Test for HV cables
  • AC Hipot Test for HV Switchgear

  • Over Head Line Test

  • Insulation Resistance Test
  • Phase Sequence Check
  • Positive, Negative and Zero Sequence Impedance

  • Earth Measurements

  • Grid Resistance Measurement
  • Step and Touch Potential
  • Earth Pit Resistance
  • Soil Resistivity Test Measurement

  • Motor Test

  • Insulation Resistance Test
  • Full Voltage Test
  • Load Test
  • Motor Circuit Analysis

  • Switchgear Test

  • Testing and Commissioning of High Voltage and Low Voltage Switchgear
  • Maintenance and Trouble-shooting

  • Annual Maintenance

  • Substations
  • Process Plants

  • Capacitor Bank Test

  • Capacitance Measurement
  • Inductance Measurement
  • High Voltage Test

  • Power Quality Analyser Test

  • Measuring and Analysing the Power Quality of Electrical Equipment
  • Harmonic Analysis

  • Relay Test

  • Line Diff. Relay
  • Transformer Diff. Relay
  • Distance Relay
  • Synchronization Check Relay
  • Backup Protection Relays

  • Power/ Distribution/ Auto Transformer/ Reactor

  • Electrical Tests
  • Tan Delta & Capacitance Measurement
  • SFRA Test
  • Oil Sampling and Chemical Analysis

  • CT/ VT Test

  • Insulation Resistance
  • Polarity
  • Excitation
  • Winding Resistance
  • Ratio Test

  • Battery System Test

  • Functional checks on Charger Panel
  • Load Test of Battery Charger
  • Initial Check fo Battery Cells
  • Charging and Discharging Test for Battery Cells


    Transformer, Switchgear and Protection Engineers

    Supporting your projects through our highly skilled engineers with approvals from DEWA, SEWA, FEWA, AADC, ADDC & TRANSCO. Our dedicated office at Dubai deploying the suitable engineers to meet project requirements successfully.

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    T&C Engineers and Maintenance Engineers

    Our qualified electrical engineers with CNIA security permits having well experienced with electrical infrastructure of on-shore and off-shore facilities. Our Abu Dhabi office fulfils the requirement of Electrical engineers for the Oil & Gas project sites extensively.

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    Preventive and Disruptive Maintenance

  • Earthing system
  • LV & HV Switchgears
  • Functional checks on Protection relays
  • Power & Auxiliary Transformers
  • Power factor control systems

  • Repair and services

  • LV & HV Circuit Breakers
  • LV Motors
  • Compressor Units
  • Battery systems
  • Auxiliary Transformers